English information for refugees

Where can refugees go?

On behalf of the Safety Region Fryslân and the Frisian municipalities, the municipality of Heerenveen is a first portal for the reception of Ukrainian refugees. For this purpose, the Hoekstra hall at It Hege Stik in Heerenveen has been set up (the so-called HUB). Refugees can catch their breath here, register and from there, go to locations elsewhere in the province for a longer stay.

Refugees staying with private individuals do not have to register with the HUB in Heerenveen. However, they must register at the town hall at the residence address.

Do Ukrainian refugees have to register with the municipality?

The registration of Ukrainian refugees is not mandatory. Nevertheless, we would like to know who in Waadhoeke municipalitie are taken care of by private individuals. We therefore ask you to pass on this information via oekraine@waadhoeke.nl

More information in English and Ukrainian

RefugeeHelp is a useful website and a good starting point for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands who want to help. They offer information on all kinds of topics, in Ukrainian, Russian and English.